This is the activity adressed to kids, the ones curious of windsurfing, our future pirates!!!

Our lesson acquire a gaming atmosphere feeling the charm of discovery, with a method adapted to their age and their difficulties, that are different from adult’s ones.

Thanks to a shallow sandy seabed without rocks or other dangers, our school is the perfect spot for children.

It’s an incredible safe fun!!!

Our gaming sail is adressed to all the children from 5 years old: we try to make small group of children depending on their age and their psychomotor development.

With the yougest kids we stay close to the beach, playing in beetween the buoys and exploring the windsurf and its funcionning.

With the oldest kids we will go futher towards the horizon trying some races!!!

In between a splash and a team game, they will improve the more and more, drafting all over the sea, our good pirates of the sea!!!

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