How many times a little sail, darting towards the horizon, hypnothesize you ?Unbelievable, it was faster than a Ferrari…. It was jumping in between the waves, elegant like a dancer…the sea so blue, the sun so warm…

Tell me the truth, are you feeling like to try right now? let’s go, it’s absolutely amazing!

Required Skills

It can sound unbelieveble but it’s true, windsurfing is accessible to every one, if you can swimming, you enjoy splashing and feel like experience new emotions, you are ready to windsurfing!!!

Why windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a gradual path where you will have always a new step to overcome, it is a continue challenge with themselves, dipped in the nature, the more you improve, more challenges you have to face. This is the core attraction of this sport!

Rising up the sail and find the balance is extremely easy with our equipment; In between some splashes in the water you will start sailing, even few metres are like a dream, and you will return to the beach with a toothy smile!!!! Without noticing, you will start to go further, towards the horizon, feeling the wind stronger on your sail; you will use the harness, you will face the first waves. Suddenly, one day you will your board escaping under your feet… you are speeding up, you are flying, this is your first planning.

The trick reveled, you will dart the more and more, you wil jibe and ride the waves and that’s how by magic, sit in the water, holding the boom and your heels on the board, you will be immediately up, without rising up the sail… You have just learned your first move! Now you are indipendent and you go out in all weather conditions and the challeges have not ended yet….

Are you ready to start this magic adventure?

The instructors beside you will make the difference!

At Scuola Vela Ragusa is like to be in family, with the maximum availability of Kiara and Giorgio, our instructors: they try to adapt to your demands and timetable, and at the end of each lesson you have learned something new. Just bring your bikini, leave the rest to US!


As all the sports, windsurfing is a path with a gradual learning.

Scuola vela Ragusa makes the difference because we garantie the maximum benefit from each lesson. Since you have entered the water, fun has begun!

Do you live nearby?

We are your opportunity to stay in a safe spot with a friendly atmosphere to pursue your passion for windsurfing.

Scuola Vela Ragusa is open all year long to enjoy each breath of wind!

Are you on Vacation?

Amaze your stay, discover a new sport to practise in all the exotic sights of the world such as Mauritius, Tenerife and Greece.

A lesson of 2 hours makes a good approch to the windsurf world.

Tailor Learining


We work upon reservation with small groups from 2 to 4 people, where you wil have the opportunity of learning all the basic steps of windsurfing with other people of the same level to compare yourself and share your experience.

Individual lessons are avaible on demand.


10 min of lesson on the beach, with exercise introduction and simulation and then, directly to the sea,

practising the theory presented on the beach!!!


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