Wind goes down, the sea is calm and clear, the is right moment: take board and a paddle and take a walk on the sea.

This is a wonderful sport: let’s train your body and free your mind!

A “total body” training is wating for you, where balance plays a fundamental role.

When you are sitting down on the board, the SUP works like a kayak, you will move paddling by your arms, but the paddle is a single one, so you have to turn it to row on the other side.

The innovation comparing to kayak is the standing up position. S.U.P. is, in fact, an acronym of Standing Up Paddle.

Quando sei seduto sulla tavola, il SUP funziona propio come una canoa, avanzi pagaiado con le braccia, ma la pagaia è singola, quindi bisogna girarla per remare dall’altro lato.

At the beginning you will paddle on flat water, with large and voluminous boards, easy for balance, but with the SUP you can surf the waves. The innovatio is you will surfing standing up, without effort on your shoulders, thanks to the paddle!

Forget about the extremely difficult take off and let’s surf the double of the waves!

This activity is also adressed to children from 5 years old!!!

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