Our school is located in an ideal spot for learning windsurf in safe conditions: shallow water, sandy seabed, and light wind.

Thanks to the harbour protecting us, we can teach also during strong wind days, because we always get a little zone of flat sea or small waves.

With Mistral, western and south-western wind, Marina di Ragusa in a very amazing spot!!!!

Nearby the touristic harbour, on the Mediterrean seafront, our school is in the center of Marina di Ragusa, charming seaside location, full of bars, restaurants, chalets on the beach.

A very cozy village, a sicilian paradise, very alive during summer and calm in winter.

It’s your ideal destination for your summer vacations or your stayactaction, as smartworker or a season one.

And… What about watersports?

Here we are, ready to welcome you and stay with you all year round!!!

You can reach us by car or by bus from other destination in the area such as Ragusa, Ibla, Punta Secca, Kamarina.

Our school hosts the ancient lighthouse of Marina di Ragusa, iconic landmark of the village, with who people usually identifiy our club.