We are a FIV sailing school, focused in windsurfing and S.U.P., with other water sports such as surf and kayak.

Located in Marina di Ragusa, amazing spot for learning watersports, our purpose is to promote the culture of the sea through sports. Thanks to watersports we can experience the wilderness with an active attitude making our daily life full of positive energy.

Simplicity, immediacy and friendliness, these are the values of our school, where teaching means convey, sharing and connecting each other for a sea made of sails.

Pushed by our greatest passion: the sea!


Kiara: explosive, vibrant, full of ideas and keen on windsurf!!!

When proficiency meets enthousiasm and will power, this is the portrait of our instructors:

Giorgio:windsurf veteran , kind and wise, always ready to action!

Giorgio: windsurf veteran, kind and wise, always ready to action