Are you beginner???

Each lesson will be a stop of the sailor process: balance, direction change, sail’s handling, sailing downwind and upwind; theese will be the teorich concepts of your beginner course.

In between a splash and another, you will experiment every concept with simple but successful exercises, under our attentive and active support.

You will discover that rising up the sail is easy as a pie.

During your first lesson you will already able to change direction and come back to the beach.

Riding from a bouy to another, you will handle the equipment on your hands and you will sail faster and faster, the more and more confident!

We will improve your rotations changing them into a tuck and jibe and bam… you will be ready to sail to the horizon!!!

The first 5 hours of lesson will make you indipendent with a medium- light wind condition, such as 10 knots.

A bit of experience?

We will personalize your lesson adpting it to your level with the aim of finalise your sailing skills.

Riding together with your instructor, with weather conditions in between 12 and 16 knots, you will learn to use the harness, keeping a course, with seaway, making out the different paces.

Trying a more performing equipment we don’t let the beach start get away…

You can customize your path a lot: let’s swtch between lessons and indipendent rides, or choose to continue to have your instructor beside you.

Our purpose is to make you become a fresh surfer!!!

Still some gaps?

Riding together with your instructor, from 15 knots and more, we make you planning, you will handle your harness, you will ride your first waves, learning the “water start” and…bam… you will get on your windsurf without raising up the sail. In that moment you will be ready to learn the power jibe, your welcoming to the world of riders!!!


  • Beginners Starboard & Rrd Boards, large and perfect ones for your balance and your first steps.
  • Intermediate Starboard Boards, perfect for a bit of adrenaline, with light wind.
  • Boards introducing the different varieties: freeride, slalom and wave.
  • Jp Australia & Point Seven School Sail, 1 to 5 metres, they are light and easy to use.
  • Neilpryde and North Batten Sails, 4.4 to 6.0 metres, for amazing sessions.
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